Pushkar Raj Sharma is a keen observer of daily life.  Based in New Delhi, India, he can often be found roaming on the streets looking for those special moments that illustrate life in India, its richness, its frustrations, and most of all, the spirit of its people.


I was a finalist in London Street Photography festival 2017 worldwide  . My image was printed and exhibited in London , U.K.








  1. Enflight by Hon Hoang  which reads ..It’s the moment, the scene and its potential to make a good or a great photograph that can be cherished like wine.” Pushkar Raj Sharma, a Street Photographer from New Delhi, India explores his world through introspection and showcases it through his photography. His projects and photography are a reflection of his state of mind. Whether it’s his search for identity or trying to understand what lies in the shadows, his projects are brought to light through his desire to express himself. Read More 



1.National Geographic , Love snap story & Daily Dozens

2. Lens Culture

1.21st Century Street Photography new examples # 109 by editor in Chief , Jim Casper

2.Project Losing Identity Lens Culture’s conceptual Category on their website

3.121 Clicks published Losing Identity Project 

4.www.floatmagazine.us publishes my Losing Identity

5.www.streetphotographymagazine.com publishes my Jama Masjid Stories

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7. IGNANT.COM publishes my Losing Identity Project 

8. Studio RAIKA hosts me on their website

9. 121 clicks published “Half Dark Worlds” 

        10. NeoCha publishes my losing identity project 

        11. Float Magazine publishes losing identity project in April’17 Issue

        12.F-stop magazine publishes some of my color work in their June ’17 issue

        13. SBCLTR magazine publishes my losing identity project 


Prints & Books

1.Finalist, In print exhibition by  “Observe collective” in Iserlohn , Germany 

2.Included in World Street Photography Book 2015